Living/Sitting Room 0751

Living/sitting room 3D design with hanging wall system including wall TV unit and baskets; sofa with chaise longue, low bookcase with doors.

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Living/Sitting Room Design 0751 - 11/12/2013

Customer's Request
We have a small kid and we would like you to include in the interior design of our living room some free space where she can play but also some storage elements that could help us keep the room tidy. On the longest wall we would like a TV furniture with some closed elements for DVDs and books and a wall back panel where to fasten the TV. We would like to keep the armchair we already own matched with a corner sofa. Finishes have to be coordinated with the colours already present in the environment, the ones of the walls and curtains. We prefer two-colours combinations, maybe using a walnut finish matched to lacquered colours like ivory, pink and coffee, please avoid black. Windows are in white PVC whereas the floor is made of fitted carpeting.

The Interior Designer's Comments

The narrow yet long shape of the room and the presence of two windows on the shorter sides determined the position of the wall system and therefore of the sofa. The wall system, placed in front of the door, has been designed customizing the layout in order to guarantee enough storage space and at the same time take advantage of the wide wall at disposal. On the floor, two baskets with feet placed one next to the other create a dynamic play of different heights becoming the right place for a DVD player and audio systems, on the upper wall we placed a back panel covering the whole width of the composition with space for a hanging TV and three wall units with hinged doors coming in different heights. The two-coloured finish features a walnut wood essence for the panel and an ivory glossy lacquer for the other elements, tones which can be well combined together and at the same time match the wall colours. 
In front of the TV unit we placed a sofa with removable fabric able to welcome several friends thanks to the comfortable seats and the presence of the chaise longue; next to the sofa finds place a round end table which thanks to its small size and position results a convenient element where to put small objects without taking up too much space.
In order to use at best the space at disposal we placed a low cabinet/bookcase with hinged doors along the wall next to the door, whose dimensions allow to hold bigger objects like the kid's toys. Above the bookcase four shelves with partitions create open compartments for books, CDs and DVDs. Both furniture pieces come with finishes coordinated to the wall system ones, ivory with matching handles for the low bookcase and walnut wood essence for the shelves.
The area between the bookcase and armchair (already owned by the customer) has been left as it is to create a space where the kids can play and relax.

Suggested Furniture
-Matrix wall system
-Land sofa
-Eileen Gray coffee table
-Almond Low d.45,6 bookcase
-Matrix shelves
-Etnic picture
-Sibilla floor lamp

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render