Living Room 5944

Living room 3D design with sofa and ottoman with removable fabric, curved bookcase and wall system with display.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 5944 of 02/07/2012:

Customer request:

I'd like to have a living room with sofa linear or peninsula, a wall equipped with asymmetric elements showcase. I do not need a dining table to be placed in the living room having a kitchen.

I currently own a 32 inch TV but I would like to replace it with a 42/46 inch and I'd love to have hanging on the wall. Family are two of us and we have a dog and a cat so I would not object too delicate, it leather carpets and even huge that you fill with hair. walls are stucco red, while the floor tiles are beige / light brown. Skirting and windows are made ​​of brown wood. Prefer a matt lacquer, solid and has warm colors like white and ivory. To exclude the color pink.

Comments of the interior designer:

The living room, located on the second floor of the house, in addition to its function as a relaxing environment, in this case it is also the area of ​​routing and connection to the adjacent kitchen and adjacent rooms. This assessment is essential in choosing the placement of the furniture as it should in no way cause the way.
An analysis of the available space, it was possible to envisage a dual organizational solution: one with a corner sofa and a sofa with linear. In the first case, the corner sofa could be positioned in the wall adjacent to the stairs, so as to provide a frontally mobile tv.

Otherwise, with a linear sofa would be possible to better exploit the available space by placing it in the niche to "L" derived from the development of the stairwell. The wall system would place also in this case in the opposite wall. Between the two conceivable solutions, the one with corner sofa presents the most important dimensions, also its position in the living room, take away space to the transition zone and its distance from the tv it panalizzerebbe vision.

A sofa more content chosen in relation to the number of persons and the proper distance from the TV made it possible to combine the best of both the appearance and functional distribution.
The sofa is a model chosen three places, very comfortable as fully padded seat included.

To characterize this complement are the tall legs in white metal that highlight the body's structure and allow easy cleaning of the floor without moving. Complete relaxation area a matching ottoman that required becomes comfortable support, or additional seat adaptable to your needs. The lining fabric cover, a shade hazelnut, integrates well with the dark essence that refines the wall behind the couch. In the rear wall of the couch, recalling the tone of the fabric, we have added two shelves matt lacquer. They integrate better with the ground plane dark wood already present and are convenient shelves for storing books and decorative items.
The wall adjacent to the stairs, has been enhanced with a "library tree", one of its features is the possibility to bend the modules and customize them to create original compositions and unique.

Despite the best fill the available space is not cumbersome in terms of depth and offers plenty of space to store books, CDs and DVDs.

The inclusion of the latter is integrated with the sinuous lines of the branches that, given their finish in white steel, will stand out against the background darker making visible this particular design object.
The front of the sofa you place the wall system, structured in an optimal way to enjoy the best screen TV. The asymmetry of the composition creates movement, by not transmitting monotony in the viewer. The lower part is articulated with bases of different heights. The lowest, are composed of two drawers and a flap with flap opening for storing any decoder, the most high with two doors, represents the element to store larger items. On top of this there are a shelf and a wall unit with glass front decorated transparent, a distinctive and characteristic. The panel tv stand is located centrally to the composition and its size allows you to insert a large television suspended up to 50 inches. The wall unit has a matt lacquer hemp. The light color, as in the case of the library, bringing out all items from the wall which has a distinctive color and accent.
Between the window and doors, the side of the sofa, it was expected the presence of a console extension matt lacquered rope, space-saving, usable as a support. The same if it is open, it becomes a large table that can accommodate up to 12 people, to move comfortably in the middle of the room to receive relatives and friends.

Proposed furniture: - sofa Hopper - Hopper pouf - fitted wall Logic - console Life Promo

Additional Information

Project Type
3D Design with Colours and Photorealistic Render