Plan 16
Wall Mounted Wall System

Minimalist two-tone wall system Plan 16 with two open boxes, wall units, wall-mounted cabinets and a low back panel.

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Plan 16 is a minimalist two-tone wall system equipped with low back panels and a top equipped with cable hole above the drop down door cabinet so that you can conveniently place a TV set above.
The composition comes with three wall units and transom lift-up door plus one with open compartment and a contrasting or matching door. Fronts open with push-pull system.

wall system with a modern and sleek design
particular two-tone wall unit with hinged door and two open boxes
top and low back panels in several finishes
wall-mounted cabinets with two drop down doors and one basket

- cm 352 d.52,7

Materials and Finishes
Part A:
- melamine
- wood veneer
- open pore lacquer
- matt / glossy / metallic lacquer
Part B and Part C:
- melamine
- wood veneer
- open pore lacquer
- matt / metallic lacquer

Information for your Quote
The composition in photo takes up a total space of cm 352 d.52,7 h.170; measurements are approximate and depend on the actual position of the elements.

Technical study

Specific Measurements
Part A Elements:
n.1 wall-mounted cabinet with basket: cm 96 d.52,4 h.32
n.2 wall-mounted cabinets with n.2 drop down doors: cm 128 d.52,4 h.32
n.3 wall units with n.3 transom lift-up door: cm 64 d.34,4 h.32
n.1 cable hole set for the drop down unit compartment
Part B Elements:
n.1 top: cm 128 d.52,7 th.1,4
n.1 top: cm 224 d.52,7 th.1,4
n.1 back panel: cm 96 th.4,4 h.32
n.2 back panels: cm 128 th.4,4 h.32
n.1 wall unit structure with n.2 open boxes: cm 128 d.34,7 h.32
Part C Element:
n.1 wall unit with hinged door: cm 64 th..2,2 h.28,4

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Structure:particle wood panels (class E1 - low formaldehyde emission)
Thickness: cm 2,2 thick fronts with cm 1,8 thick structure; cm 4,4 thick backrests
Opening: the movement is guaranteed by a pair of oledynamic pistons; cabinet with basket and lift-up wall units come with soft closing system
Fixing: elements come with adjustable brackets for an easy wall fastening
Cable hole set: it includes n.1 rectangular cable hole for the Top measuring cm 18 x 5 cm in aluminium, equipped with a lid, and n.1 round cable hole on the Back cm Ø 6 in black PVC. With the rectangular cable hole placed above the internal partition, there will be n.2 round cable holes on the back of each compartment.

Cleaning and Maintenance
Do not let the surfaces get in touch with water and liquids in general, excessive heat and humidity.
The cleaning has to be done with a damp cloth and neutral detergents; dry up immediately afterwards. Do not use alkaline products, solvents and abrasive ones. These products are not suitable for outdoor use.

Additional Information

Area of Production
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Assembling Instructions
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