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Apotema modern cupboard with leather panels. Metal and wooden structure with precious finishes and unique sophisticated design. Sideboard available.

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Apotema is a modern cupboard with leather panels also available in a sideboard version. Its metal and wooden structure comes with precious finishes and a unique sophisticated design. Perfect for wide refined livings or dining rooms, Apotema has soft leather panels and a glass, wooden, lacquer or marble top. Apotema comes with precious finishes and a unique style which has both a contemporary and vintage charm.

top and frontal panels with smooth rounded edges
high quality materials and handcrafted details
particular structure with a revisited art deco charm
sideboard with lateral drawer equipped with 2 inner compartments
lacquer or leather panels in timeless colours
marble top and gold structural metallic elements ideal for both classic or modern livings

Materials and Finishes
- solid wood
- matt or glossy lacquer
- leather
Metal Structural Elements and open Compartments:
- metal
- solid wood
- matt or glossy lacquer
- glass
- marble

Technical study

To know more...
Alps wood: it comes from the mechanical transformation of linden wood, poplar and ayous (of certified origin) which are decomposed and then recomposed in solid woods, finishes and decors through a process which exfoliates the wooden surface and dyes it. The sheets obtained are overlapped in order to recreate a new trunk. The result is a unique natural and eco-friendly product (all woods come from a responsible and sustainable forests management, controlled directly respecting the environmental biodiversity).
Bycast leather: it is a leather obtained from a system which enables to raise the prestige of a leather (usually a hard or a frosted leather) keeping unchanged the thickness and the softness. The final surface results then in being smooth and durable throughout time.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Easy Assembling
Cubic Metres
0,98 / 1,33 m³
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Partner Factory

The manufacturer of this article is based in the province of Siena and has a ten years experience in the furniture business. After being on the market for a long time as an artisan workshop specialised in steel tubular structures for furniture, the manufacturer has been able to create a successful combination of tradition, technological innovation and design.
The unique style allows this company to present itself as a leading company in the production of modern-looking, contemporary furniture.
The products range from tables, chairs, stools, to armchairs, sofas and bookcases. The leitmotiv is the use of materials such as aluminium, steel and metal to obtain original shapes and characteristics.The care for details and finishes are additional aspects that this company is keen on by manufacturing design furniture.

Modern design chairs and armchairs

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