Wooden Sideboard

Rialto two-tone wood sideboard with simple and modern lines, available in several original finishes. With 2, 3 or 4 doors, equipped with push-pull or recessed handle.

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Rialto is a two-tone wood sideboard with clean and modern lines; it is characterised by a floor standing C-shaped structure and a suspended storage unit. Both structure and doors can be made in several precious finishes, for a completely customisable furniture that can satisfy every taste. Rialto is available with 2, 3 or 4 doors. These can have a push-pull opening or they can be opened through a convenient recess grip. If needed, there is also the possibility to add a shelf inside the compartment.
A buffet characterised by a distinctive design, high quality materials and hand-crafted with the utmost care for the single detail. Being hand-made, Twing is not only a valuable furniture but it is also unique as every piece is different from the others.
Rialto finds its perfect place in living rooms but also in bedrooms for an original bedroom set.

sleek yet beautifully made structure
45° cut between top and sides

suspended storage element
doors with push-pull mechanism or with recess grip
use of Venetian Briccola reclaimed wood from Venice lagoon

Height: cm 80 common to all models
Depth: cm 50 common to all models

Materials and Finishes
- solid wood
- lacquer
- leaf

Information for your Purchase
The opening with recess grip is not available for patinated leaf, crunch and Venetian Briccola finish.

Technical study

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Venetian Briccola: Briccolas are wooden dolphins, generally oak wood, used in Venice lagoon as moorings or to indicate the available waterways. These pillars must be replaced periodically, usually every 10 years, due to the corrosion effect of sea waters. One of their main feature is the presence of perfectly circular holes, carved by a sea mollusc, that create suggestive patterns directly on the wood while keeping the truck core intact.
These pillars are then reused in the furniture sector after all due sanifications and treatments. This firm uses 10/10 wood pieces, whose layers are first put together at the desired size and then applied on honeycomb panels. Furniture pieces are then hand polished and finishes with low-emission paints.

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Partner Factory

This item has been crafted by a company from Brianza district (Northern Italy), born at the beginning of last Century as an handicraft workshop specialised in elements for the night area characterised by an ebony craftsmanship.

During the years, the excellent skills in applying - rigorously by hand - valuable finishes has been combined with a technological development; this brought the company towards the production of furniture, accessories and decorative elements which are contemporary in taste yet highly influences by classic suggestions.

Wood remains the main focus of the furniture production, following the best Lombardy tradition. The firm management, now at its third generation, applies manufacturing criteria that aim to combine tradition and innovation.
The unique value of real wood, processed through highly advanced technologies, is matched with a qualified hand-made finishing; more in specific for the most refined details and silver and golden leaf applications. This process underline even more the irreplaceable intervention of man and most of all of a specialised artisan.

Contemporary furniture made of wood, gold and silver leaf

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