Riga tailor made rug with fringe, available as square or rectangular and in two different piles. Several colour combinations available.

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Riga is a tailor made rug with fringe, characterised by a pattern made up of rectangular areas and asymmetric pieces for a particularly dynamic effect. Each area is heath-sealed to the next one presenting no visible joints on the rug surface.
The possibility to play with various colours allows you to highly personalise the rug with a huge variety of measurements and combinations of colours.
The pile is made through the tufting technique and it is available in two types: one is thick and soft, the other is dense and compact. Both feel soft to the touch and shiny, with a pleasant nap effect. The rug presents a serged edging with the thread matching the different zones of colour, a coloured fringe decorates one of the shorter sides.

multicolour pattern made by heat-sealing without joints
hand-crafted product
broad range of colour combinations available
available square or rectangular in various sizes
two different types of pile available

- polyamide

Technical study

Technical Specifications

  Soft and thick pile Dense and compact pile
Look Velvet Velvet
Composition 100% PA 6.6 Antron® 100% PA 6.6 Antron®
Costruction Tufting 1/10" Tufting  5/64"
Total Weight 2.300 gr/m2 2.500 gr/m2
Total Height 15 mm 10,1 mm
Punches 162.000 / m2 281.000 m2
Back Synthetic Jute + Fabric
in expanded rubber
Synthetic Jute + Fabric
in expanded rubber
Fire Response Bfl-s1 Bfl-s1
Resistance Class 23/33 23/32


This hand-made technique with skilled craftsmanship consists of a heat-treated fabric band, which seals the fabrics together. This technique makes possible to create rugs that do not show any visible joints or seams on the surface.

Antron® polyamide:
Technical reinforced nylon fibre gives great performances and is resistant to wear down, easy to maintain; the particular composition makes bright and vivid colours.


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Partner Factory

diotti.com tailor-made rugs are made by a leading company that since the 70s produces carpets and rugs working together with the most renowned furniture companies of the Brianza district, Lombardy manufacturing district. This collection starts from Italian hand-crafted traditions and uses them to create new patterns and material combinations always in line with the strictest quality standards of the market and with an eco-friendly approach.
diotti.com one-coloured or patterned rugs are thought to decorate trendy houses with unique pieces, bespoke, highly customisable and made with precious yarns and innovative materials.

diotti.com is a collection of modern house furniture: high degree of customization, design and 100% Made in Italy manufacturing quality are matched together in unique furniture solutions, contemporary in their design and reliable through time.
diotti.com is the only home design brand available exclusively online: convenient, transparent, always reachable and with the best value for money.

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