9244 Soggiorno/Salotto

3D design of living room / lounge with swivel TV stand, leather sofa linear, extendable table and library.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 9244 of 07/26/2013

Customer's Request
We recently moved into this house that has been recently renovated. We would therefore like to keep both floors and walls (all except a neutral colored red) as they appear. We would like the project to come out a living room furnished in a modern and since we have a child, there was also space for him to play. The wall system should provide the compartments closed and there is an essential extendable dining table. The sofa, replacing the existing, should be leather. How would prefer to stay on the colors gray, white or red should be avoided while the color purple.

Comments of the interior
The central space and openness perspective of the environment are the fundamental basis of this project. We placed the gray leather couch on the wall accent already. This allows us to create a nice contrast with both the plaster with red tiled floor. The model chosen, thanks to the legs off the ground, allows you to easily clean the space below, mind the leather ensures the ease of daily use. The colors of the rectangular frame in the center of the wall colors refer to other elements of the living room by breaking the uniformity of the color red. In front of the window we put the bookcase. The part adjacent to the sofa is completely laid per day in order to be fully operational despite the proximity to the element; compartments that lie beyond the armrest instead are intended to be predominantly contenitivi, so the doors are provided in the same color to the structure. To bring out the bookcase in white lacquer, suggest that you buy the backs at odds in this case are proposed to orient red color. On the wall opposite the sofa is the table with oak top Tranchè and white painted aluminum structure. Closed accommodates up to six people while on the open allows you to have as many as ten diners thanks to the reduced dimensions of the outer legs. The position of the table can comfortably stretch and move without the same guarantees illumination of the floor thanks to the spotlight already. The model chosen to chair combines the convenience of eco-leather styling with modern metal legs. We also recommend to integrate those present with folding chairs to ensure full coverage of the number of jobs once fully opened the table. In continuity with the dining area we have placed the wall system, consisting of three bases and an outstanding day, has the distinction of providing a tv swivel wall. This solution has allowed us to be able to guarantee excellent visibility even from a difficult angle of the screen with the ability to rotate the panel to the couch. The base with folding doors is in matt winter suspended while the two are respectively in red and matt stone. The set of design choices has allowed the construction of the center of the room a space that can be safely used in everyday life as a play area for children.

Proposed Furniture
- Low p.32 library Almond, 8
- Mr Blue sofa
- High p.45 library Almond, 6
- Basic tv links
- Vertical bookcase Link Box
- TV stand Adjustable Rack
- Extendable table Louis
- Chair Mora
- Lamp Light
- Grey Abstract paintings

Additional Information

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