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Flame table with curved metal base by Bonaldo. Original and important design with wooden, ceramic or marble top.

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Flame by Bonaldo is a table with a curved metal base that is original and sophisticated, composed of two thin, shaped metal plates, which, appropriately spaced, firmly support the large top. Thanks to the delicate curvature and position of the slabs, the seating space is ample and well distributed, a true added value that allows the top to be used to its full extent. The special design of the slabs create a pleasant "suspended effect" of the top that slims and harmonises lines and shapes. The top is available in veneered wood, solid wood, ceramic stone and marble, both glossy and matte, with rounded corners and exquisite flaring at the edges. Flame is a complement of great aesthetic impact, capable of capturing attention and providing a touch of eye-catching design. 

Original double base with curved thin metal plates
Shaped top in wood, ceramic or marble in various finishes
Special processing such as the countersinking of the top with rounded corners
Fully exploitable top thanks to under-top space management
Availabe up to a maximum width of 300 cm
Various finishes available for the base including burnished metal

Height: cm h.75 / 75,5 (for wooden and marble tops)

Materials and Finishes
-  Wood / Metal
- Veneer Wood
- Solid Wood
- Matte / Glossy Ceramic Stone
- Matte / Glossy Marble Stone

Technical study

Technical Specifications
Base: wood / metal
Top: ceramic tops are 1,6 cm thick; wooden tops are available with 3 cm thickness. Marble tops are 2 cm thick.

Material Specifications
Solid wood: wooden element made directly from the cut of the tree trunk; depending on the type of tree, we therefore have solid walnut, chestnut, cherry, ash and many others. American walnut from sustainable forests is a very hard wood, ideal for making the load-bearing elements of furniture.
Ceramic Stone: made of porcelain stoneware coupled with a glass top, ceramic tops are obtained with an innovative technology from a base of inorganic materials. This material has some peculiarities that make it ideal for the production of table tops: it has a reduced thickness, is resistant to scratches, wear and tear, high temperatures and is easy to clean.
Marble: elegant and refined stone marble, characterised by open veins that sometimes may present some resin based speckles that create a uniform and smooth surface so that the top comes with no irregularities, granting additional structural resistance. Because it is a natural stone that is sometimes more than a million years old, the surface cannot be defined as 'perfect'; each piece is different from the next, depending on the cutting and polishing process. It may have natural micro imperfections, a characteristic of marble and not due to defects. Marble tops are naturally porous: any protective polyester treatment hides this porosity to the touch, leaving all the natural features of the stone visible.

Additional Information

Gino Carollo
Area of Production
Seat Number
The seats schemes show the maximum seat number: the actual number depends on the seat width. The Customer Care staff is at your disposal for further information.
da 146 a 300 Kg
Cubic Metres
da 0,50 a 0,81 m³
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Partner Factory

Bonaldo was founded in 1936 and has since expressed itself through furniture and designs that meet contemporary domestic needs. 

The collections feature the use of constantly evolving lines: as a matter of fact one of Bonaldo's main goal is to experiment with new materials and new shapes resulting in an international oriented firm constantly collaborating with famous Italian and foreign designers. The materials used are perfect for the needs of today's market, that is of flexible and innovative furniture, whose style and shapes are highly oriented towards the revisitation of a classic style.
Bonaldo products are the result of a completely Italian production that combines a love of design and a desire to offer high quality furniture.

The Veneto based company is a benchmark of Made in Italy worldwide and boasts the collaboration of international designers such as Karim Rashid and Alain Gilles. Bonaldo's furniture has been featured in many famous television programs. The company participates in major national and international fairs dedicated to furniture and interior design.
In 2010 the Big Table table was internationally recognized as an iconic product. In subsequent years, Bonaldo accessories have improved further in terms of technologies and materials used, winning prestigious awards such as the "Red Dot: Best of the Best" and the "Good Design Award" in 2013 with the Octa table.
Bonaldo: modern and design furniture

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