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Dama upholstered chair in leather, velvet, fabric or faux-leather. Several models; with wooden or metal legs, cantilever, swivel or wheels. All available with or without armrests.

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  • with 4 metal legs - without armrests
  • with 4 metal legs - with armrests - +€169.53
  • with 4 wooden legs - without armrests - +€75.11
  • with 4 wooden legs - with armrests - +€244.64
  • with cantilever base - without armrests - +€107.30
  • with cantilever base - with armrests - +€276.83
  • with swivel base and 4 spokes - without armrests - +€66.53
  • with swivel base and 4 spokes - with armrests - +€236.06
  • with swivel base on wheels and 5 spokes - without armrests - +€156.66
  • with swivel base on wheels and 5 spokes - with armrests - +€326.19

From €551.52


The Dama upholstered chair is available in a wide variety of colours and materials, including leather, faux-leather, velvet and many other fabric. The seat is characterised by the soft padding, which is sewn onto the body of the chair in two layers for added comfort. Dama comes in 5 different models, all available with or without armrests: the model with four metal legs which gives a weightless appearance, the elegant and refined model with four wooden legs, the timeless cantilever base, the comfortable and mobile 360° swivel base with four spokes, or the wheel base with 5 spokes, perfect for a home office.

comfortable, padded seat
upholstery in leather, Nubuck leather, fabric, velvet or faux-leather
various models: 4 legs in metal or wood, cantilever, swivel, or on wheels
available with or without armrests
range of models allows you to pick a chair which matches any room
high-quality tailoring and attention-to-detail
Made in Italy product of artisanal quality

Model and Measurements
Seat Height:
- chair with 4 legs / cantilever: cm 47
- swivel chair with 4 spokes: cm 48
- chair on wheels with 5 spokes: cm 44 / 53
Armrest Height:
- chair with 4 legs / cantilever: cm 64
- swivel chair with 4 spokes: cm 67
- chair on wheels with 5 spokes: cm 63 / 72

Materials and Finishes
- fabric, velvet, faux-leather, leather (non-removable)
- solid ash wood
- varnished metal / brushed aluminium


Additional Information

Area of Production
The model without armrests is only available in pair numbers. Keep it in mind when writing the quantity
3D Model
Cubic Metres
from 0,19 to 0,42 m³ (for n.1 chair)
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Partner Factory

This product belongs to the diotti.com collection of modern furniture. The furniture and accessories from this collection are handmade by skilled craftsmen from a Venetian partner company, who are experts in using the most precious of materials to create high-quality furniture which is both long-lasting and an exquisite addition to any space. This high level of quality can be traced to the long-standing manufacturing tradition in northeast Veneto, as well as to the skills of those who have worked for years to maintain the Made in Italy excellence. The expert tailoring and extreme attention-to-detail are what characterise each piece of furniture from this collection, along with the high quality of materials used. Chairs, stools and pouffes are upholstered in exquisite materials, from fine fabric to high-quality leather, while tables feature striking surfaces made from marble, ceramic and solid wood.

diotti.com is a collection of modern house furniture: high degree of customisation, design and 100% Made in Italy are matched together in unique furniture solutions, contemporary in their design and reliable through time.
diotti.com is home design brand characterised by a balance between the convenience and transparency of online purchases with the services offered in a showroom.

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