Byron Additional Shelves

Byron additional melamine shelves for walk-in closet with rods; free customised cut to the centimetre.


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Byron additional shelves for walk-in closet with rods are made of melamine. They are available for both linear modules and for corner ones and it is possible to customize the width with no additional costs.

placeable at the desired height
customized width, cut to the centimetre
made of melamine in 12 colours

Width: 54 / 81 / cm 110 x 110 cm
Depth: 50 cm
Thickness: 2 cm

Materials and Finishes
- melamine

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Linear Shelves: made ​​of melamine. They are equipped with two metal supports matching the rods.
Corner shelves: made ​​of melamine. They are equipped with three metal supports matching the rods; the two lateral supports have to be fixed to the rods, the third is placed on the corner and must be fixed to the wall to ensure the stability of the shelf.

Customized shelves width: the shelves of Byron walk-in closet can be made with customized width without additional costs. For linear shelves the width must be between cm 50 and cm 100; for corner shelves both sides must have a width between cm 90 and cm 110.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Cubic Metres
0,06 m³
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