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Overfly floating bed with wood panelling. Bespoke bed frame and headboard, in wood or lacquer. Optional built-in storage, nightstands and other accessories.

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Overfly is a floating bed with wood panelling, characterized by a headboard made up of a system of bespoke wood boards. The thin bed frame is available in wood or lacquered and it can be chosen in a large single, French double, standard or king size version. The panelling system develops either in line with the bed or it can protrude on one or both sides depending on your preference for a symmetric or asymmetric look.
The large recessed storage offers a pleasant suspended effect, created by the position of the storage box compared to the bed frame. This feature has a great visual impact especially if enhanced by the LED lights running along the perimeter.
The wall panelling is made to measure and cut to the centimetre, it offers great flexibility in terms of layout and measurements and it can be decorated with open units, bedside tables or drawers that can be freely placed wherever you want. The real added value is the possibility to create corner layouts, thanks to the shaped panels which can be combined with chests of drawers or single elements. In this way, the Overfly system is an important solution both for a large double bedroom area and for children's rooms, with big single or French double beds.

wooden bed with wall panelling also with box and "floating" effect
bespoke headboard with symmetric or asymmetric look
wide range of finishes and colours
panels can be equipped with open units, bedside tables and big drawers
shaped panels perfect to create great corner compositions
hand-crafted bedroom set with high quality finishings

Models and Measurements
Models: large single, French double, standard Italian double or king size
- bed from the floor: cm 36
- headboard: cm 65,2
- headboard from the floor: cm 101,2
- wooden bed-frame: cm 9
Headboard Thickness: cm 6,5
Storage Box:
- internal height: cm 18
- height from ground: cm 10

Materials and Finishes
- wood veneer
- matt lacquer
- open pore matt lacquer

Information for your Purchase
In order to create corner layouts or with bigger widths you can purchase Overfly Wall Panels visible at the bottom of the page.
The slatted base is always included in all its versions.
The mattress is not included. You can find a suitable one inside our Mattresses department. The mattress must be in the same size of the slatted base.

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Bed made up of wood panels and bed frame.
The boards of the headboard are spaced 6 mm apart to allow the attachment of accessories which can be freely positioned where you want.
The headboard is fixed to the wall by means of support bar and adjustable hooks, the sommier is independent of the headboard itself and can be freely positioned with wall fixing on the headboard side and metal foot on the footboard side.
The patented storage box is fixed on the supporting metal frame and recessed compared to the sides and footboard, in this way it results less visible enhancing the thin lines of the bed. The suspended box allows air to flow, especially in the presence of floor heating systems and easier cleaning steps with vacuums. The storage finish is always slate grey melamine.

Storage: it can be equipped with a convenient tray for items in matt black metal sheet, this is to be inserted on the front.
Slatted holder Bag: in grey elastic fabric, available only for the versions in storage box.
Supporting Feet: to be added to the headboard side
LED light: the headboard boiserie panels can be equipped with a LED bar measuring mm 11 x 11 in opal polycarbonate 4000K - 10W built in the back of the panel. The light has a uniform and spread diffusion, it turns on and off by a simple touch. Note: in the models with storage box the lighting system of the wall panels and the area under the box have separated switches.

Assembling Tips
To increase the safety of the bed on less resistant walls we recommend the use of the additional metal feet on the headboard side.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Medium Assembling
Assembling Instructions
Download the Assembly Instructions
Cubic Metres
da 1 a 1,20 m³
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Partner Factory

This item is crafted by a firm from Brianza district (Northern Italy) specialised in the production of adjustable TV units, bookcases and beds coming with a great value for money. Precious finishes and natural materials well represent this modern and original collection, each product is crafted by keeping in mind the needs of contemporary living arrangements as well as by using techniques which fully respect the environment. Bespoke solutions and modular layouts allow you to create unique and personalised furniture for your living room and bedroom, ensuring an optimal and original organisation of the space at disposal.
Starting from the design steps up to the selection of the materials, each phase of the manufacturing process respects the highest standards of quality proper of every Made in Italy product. The hand-crafted tradition - typical of Brianza district - is put to life thanks to the hands of master craftsmen, able to transform each item in a unique and refined piece. The firm also invests a lot in the research and development field, always trying to find the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions; the numerous patents registered are a demonstration of that.

Unique customisable furniture solutions for living rooms and bedrooms

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