Living/Sitting Room 10589

Living/sitting room 3D design with adjustable TV stand, modular storage units, extending round table and curved bookcase.

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Design Living Room / Living Room 10589 of 28.11.2013

Customer's Request
I'm going to live in a new house and would like some ideas for the decor of my living room. I do not want a traditional wall system but anything non-trivial functional and at the same time, taking into account that I already have a linear sofa in black leather. The main dining table will be the one in the living room and I would like to be extendable in case of guests. I purchased an antique clock from the table and I would like to give it a proper place and importance. The house I will be delivered with white walls and floor monocottura beige. The frames will instead be in pine stained walnut. As I prefer to stay out of dyed colors like white, black and maroon, perhaps creating a single wall accent.

Comments of the interior
The project aims to combine functional and usable spaces without losing the overall aesthetic appearance. The front of the entrance wall we placed the two-seater sofa already have the client side of the TV stand with swivel suspended. The latter thanks to the mechanism of opening up to 160 ° offers the opportunity to enjoy a good view both from the couch to the dining table. Its structure, matt lacquered burgundy, conceals a storage compartment usable as a CD rack. At the base of the TV stand is a low-restraining element consists of open space for any dvd and push pull hinged doors, white laminated finish. The choice of the distribution of the relaxation area allows you to enjoy the space in front of the couch, leaving ample room to breath and a smooth transition. Completing the living room rug from the particular circular motif and the matching ottoman to the couch. Along the wall adjacent to the front door, thanks to a ceiling, was converted into a niche characterized burgundy. This input has a modular cabinet in white laminate, whose simple, clean lines stand out against the dark wall background. The deep drawers and doors push pull make it a more useful container between entry and residence, which also serves as the basis for the customer's table clock, exposed and exploited thanks to the light of the spotlights recessed into plasterboard. Due to its shape, the space adjacent to the kitchen is perfect as a dining area. The table is chosen Round extendable table with white extra-light glass and chromed structure, whose shape in addition to promoting conviviality makes saving. Unlike a rectangular table, not being an obstacle to the passage, allows easy opening of the doors. The black faux leather chairs, essential shapes were chosen for their distinction of having the back quilted in conjunction with that of the couch. Complete the dining area a bookstore white steel highly customizable thanks to the flexible elements that compose it. The infinite variety of combinations allow you to create a library unique to the tastes of the customer.

Proposed Furniture
- Low p.32 library Almond, 8
- TV stand Rack
- Low p.45 library Almond, 6
- Glass table
- Gilda chairs
- Borderline library
- Carpet Snow
- The Ferrari framework of Sachs and Tippets

Additional Information

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