Oval / Elliptical Table

Indigo marble oval table, also available round. Marble, wood, glass or ceramic top and sail-shaped metal base.

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Indigo is an oval marble table, offered in 3 different sizes and also available in round. The top can be in marble, wood, acid-etched glass or ceramic: high-quality finishes that enhance the quality of the workmanship and attention to detail. The base characteristic consists of curved metal sheets in a shape reminiscent of a billowy sail; there are always 3, both for the oval-top table and the round table, arranged asymmetrically in a play of light and shadow. The subtle thickness of the metal contrasts with the solidity and materiality of the top in an impeccable formal balance.

Oval or round table with contemporary design
Marble, wood, glass or ceramic top with a strong material appearance
Slender sail-shaped metal legs
High-quality finishes, quality workmanship, attention to the naturalness of raw materials

Model and Measurments
Table Height:
- 75 cm
Top Thickness

- blockboard: 4 cm (owl's beak shaped edge)
- glass: 1,2 cm
- ceramic: 1,2 cm (0,6 ceramic coupled with 0,6 glass)
- marble: 2 cm

Materials and Finishes
- oak or American walnut blockboard
- back-painted frosted glass
- ceramic
- marble
- painted metal

Technical study

Material Specifications
Marble: elegant and refined stone marble, characterised by open veins that sometimes may present some resin based speckles that create a uniform and smooth surface so that the top comes with no irregularities, granting additional structural resistance. Because it is a natural stone that is sometimes more than a million years old, the surface cannot be defined as 'perfect'; each piece is different from the next, depending on the cutting and polishing process. It may have natural micro imperfections, a characteristic of marble and not due to defects. Marble tops are naturally porous: any protective polyester treatment hides this porosity to the touch, leaving all the natural features of the stone visible.

Solid wood is wood from FSC-certified supplies (forests managed properly and responsibly according to strict environmental, social and economic standards). Only the highest quality 7-layer panels of solid spruce or birch with grade A veneer, with zero formaldehyde emissions, are used for blockboard. 
All woods are finished with the application of a completely natural and certified food-grade water-based transparent colourless finish. Glues are limited as much as possible in favour of mechanical joints; if used, vinyl glues are zero formaldehyde, ammonia and APEO emission. 


Additional Information

Area of Production
Seat Number
The seats schemes show the maximum seat number: the actual number depends on the seat width. The Customer Care staff is at your disposal for further information.
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Partner Factory

This article is the result of the continuous research of this Italian company, active in the recovery of 100% natural materials to be used in the furniture sector. Tables, bookcases, sideboards and cupboards are built with antique wood that preserves the original characteristics while enhancing the charm given to it by the passage of time. Widely used is also marble and hammered glass that harmoniously binds with wood and enhances its characteristics. Attention to the preservation of the environment also emerges from the soft colours that recall the tones of nature, perfect for both modern homes and in an environment with a classic and formal taste.
"Natural design" is the leitmotif of the entire collection, which, together with the extensive use of glass, lightly worked wood and marble, proposes high-level complements that become the protagonists of an exclusive environment, whether it is a dining area or a living room.
Each product is conceived, designed and built in Italy to be proposed to an international market attentive to the high quality of Made in Italy furniture. The experience and excellence of the work carried out by the brand is widely perceivable the moment one comes into contact with any item proposed in the catalogue.

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