Bed with Adjustable Headrest

Quinn suspended bed with clear legs and reclining headboard; upholstered in fabric, faux-leather or leather. Available with or without built-in storage.

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  • cm h.8
  • cm h.16
  • cm h.26

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Quinn is a suspended bed with clear methacrylate feet, characterised by a pair of reclining headboard cushions that provide an optimum level of comfort for reading or relaxing in front of the television. The Quinn bed is available in two double-bed sizes, either standard with a 160 cm bed base and silver with a 170 cm bed base, or in a king size with a 180 cm bed base. All three widths can be combined with bed bases of 190, 200 or 210 cm.
You can customise the height of the bed frame depending on your needs: the slim bed frame is either 8 or 16 cm in height and features recessed legs that make the bed appear as if it is suspended from the floor, with a structural bed base; the h.26 cm bed frame also comes with a practical storage box and simple lift-up system. As an alternative to the transparent legs available with the slim h.8 cm bed frame, some leg models are available in metal or wood in an aluminium finish. The Quinn bed is upholstered and you can choose your desired material from our vast assortment of fully-removable fabrics, leathers, velvets or faux-leathers.

3 widths available; double beds with a 160 or 170 cm bed base or king size which is 180 cm
pair of reclining headboard cushions
built-in storage box with simple lift-up system for the h.26 cm bed frame
various models of legs to facilitate daily cleaning
upholstery available in a wide range of fabric, leather and faux-leather options

Model and Measurements
Models: doubles: standard, silver, king size
Width and Depth: please see all available sizes in the Configurator Menu
Bed Frame / Headboard Height:
- Slim bed frame: cm h.8 / cm h.79 + legs
- Medium bed frame: cm h.16 / cm h.87 + legs
- Large bed frame: cm h.26 / cm h.94 + legs

Materials and Finishes
- fabric (fully removable)
- leather, faux-leather (non-removable)

Purchase Information
Mattress not included. You can find a suitable mattress in our Mattresses section. For all models, the size of the mattress should be the same as the size indicated for the bed base.

Technical study

Model and Specific Measurements

Bed Frame Height Model Bed Width Bed Frame / Mattress Width Bed Depth
h.8 Standard Double cm 178 cm 160 cm 205 (190 cm bed base)
cm 215 (200 cm bed base)
cm 225 (210 cm bed base)
Silver Double cm 188 cm 170
King Size cm 198 cm 180
h.16 Standard Double cm 170 cm 160 cm 201 (190 cm bed base)
cm 211 (200 cm bed base)
cm 221 (210 cm bed base)
Silver Double cm 180 cm 170
King Size cm 190 cm 180
h.26 Standard Double cm 174 cm 160 cm 205 (190 cm bed base)
cm 215 (200 cm bed base)
cm 225 (210 cm bed base)
Silver Double cm 184 cm 170
King Size cm 194 cm 180

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Bed Base: included with all models, double beech-wood slats with stiffness adjusters in the lumbar region, with an aluminium painted metal frame. Structural bed base for the h.8 cm and h.16 cm bed frames.
Headboard: made of honeycomb particle board panels, covered with a high-density rubber foam layer and upholstery cover. The honeycomb panels belong to class E1, with low formaldehyde emission. The headboard is upholstered at the back, so that the bed can also be placed in the centre of the room.
The two headboard cushions are approximately 52 cm high.
Bottom of storage box: made from 1,4 cm-thick white melamine, positioned above the legs and crossbar.

For the h.8 cm bed frame:
Mod. 1: Cylindrical Leg cm Ø5 h.25 - aluminium-painted steel.
Mod. 2: Folded Plate Leg cm 10 h.24 - aluminium-painted steel.
Mod. 3: Cylindrical Leg cm Ø7 h.25 - clear methacrylate.

For the h.16 / 26 cm bed frame:
Mod. 5: Cylindrical foot cm Ø7 h.11 - aluminium-painted beech wood.
Mod. 6: Spherical foot cm h.12 - aluminium-painted beech wood.
Mod. 7: Onion-shaped foot cm h.14 - aluminium-painted beech wood.
Mod. 9: Square foot cm 7 d.7 h.11 - aluminium-painted beech wood.
Mod. 10: Conical foot cm h.11 - aluminium-painted turned beech wood.
Mod. 11: Barrel shaped foot cm Ø8,5 h.11 - aluminium-painted turned beech wood.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Medium Assembling
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Partner Factory

diotti.com upholstered beds are manufactured in a qualified factory based in the area between Veneto and Friuli region. The whole manufacturing process is carefully handled internally in order to maintain the Quality control over every detail: the sturdy structure of each bed is covered in different materials and comes in a variety of shapes enhancing the wide experience of master craftsmen.
Designed and made in Italy, diotti.com beds possess the quality standards of handmade manufactures and show care for details. The covers are tailored with a bespoke quality in order to highlight every detail and they come from the best Italian manufactures.

diotti.com is a collection of modern house furniture: high degree of customization, design and 100% Made in Italy manufacturing quality are matched together in unique furniture solutions, contemporary in their design and reliable through time.
diotti.com is the only home design brand available exclusively online: convenient, transparent, always reachable and with the best value for money.

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