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Lanzi white graceful dining table is available in numerous finishes such as lacquer, brushed oak, gold/ silver coated leaf and colours.


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Lanzi white graceful dining table is available in numerous finishes, such as lacquer, brushed oak gold/silver coated leaf, and in numerous colours. This table is a unique eye-catching piece of furniture and is perfect for those who want to give an original touch and style to their own home.
Among the various finishes there is the so-called "leaf" technique which consists of applying small precious leaves in gold, copper or silver colour over the surface. Lanzi is available in fixed or extending version. It is possible to choose either one or two extensions matching the structure to be added to the top in order to seat numerous guests. The first extension can be stored within the table top, while the second must be kept in the appropriate bag. The extension are set on the sides and the structure is fitted with telescopic natural drawn aluminium runners.

This white table is a Brianza-based company, which manufactures each product by hand and accurately guaranteeing unique quality and originality. The refined legs offer sinuous and smooth lines; a clear sign of the great craftsmanship behind Lanzi.

- rectangular: cm 140 x 80
- rectangular: cm 140 x 90
- rectangular: cm 160 x 80
- rectangular: cm 160 x 90
- rectangular: cm 180 x 90
- rectangular: cm 200 x 90
- rectangular: cm 220 x 90
- rectangular: cm 240 x 100
- square: cm 120 x 120
- square: cm 140 x 140
Extension: cm 45
Top Thickness: cm 3
Height: cm 75
Max. Leg Diameter: cm 20

Structure Finish
- matt lacquer: white, black, rope
- matt lacquered brushed oak wood veneer: white, black, rope
- coated leaf: gold, silver, copper
- gloss lacquer: white, black

Additional Information

Area of Production
Seat Number
The seats schemes show the maximum seat number: the actual number depends on the seat width. The Customer Care staff is at your disposal for further information.
Cubic Metres
da 0,22 a 0,43 m³
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This item has been crafted by a company from Brianza district (Northern Italy), born at the beginning of last Century as an handicraft workshop specialised in elements for the night area characterised by an ebony craftsmanship.

During the years, the excellent skills in applying - rigorously by hand - valuable finishes has been combined with a technological development; this brought the company towards the production of furniture, accessories and decorative elements which are contemporary in taste yet highly influences by classic suggestions.

Wood remains the main focus of the furniture production, following the best Lombardy tradition. The firm management, now at its third generation, applies manufacturing criteria that aim to combine tradition and innovation.
The unique value of real wood, processed through highly advanced technologies, is matched with a qualified hand-made finishing; more in specific for the most refined details and silver and golden leaf applications. This process underline even more the irreplaceable intervention of man and most of all of a specialised artisan.

Contemporary furniture made of wood, gold and silver leaf

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