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Skorpio design dining room table by Cattelan with round, square, rectangular or shaped top. Numerous finishes and dimensions.


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Skorpio by Cattelan is a design dining room table available in square, rectangular, shaped or round. The originality and complexity of the base are expressed through the intersection of a series of steel bars that are revised and re-proportioned according to the shape and size of the table, without compromising on its originality and lightness.

Skorpio can be chosen with clear glass top or CrystalArt top, characterised by a refined decorative print on the tones of white and black; it is also possible to select a Keramik stone top in different marble-like finishes, also available with a rounded lower profile.
The wooden top is available in Canaletto walnut, elm or oak, in this way you can opt for the version with oblique edges, with irregular solid wood edges, with barrel-shaped top and bevelled edges or again with a lower rounded and painted profile. There is also the option to select the top with oblique Masterwood edges made with wooden slats of different sizes, arranged diagonally.
Last but not least the top can also be customised with a mix of materials: the internal part in ceramic and the external one in wood. Skorpio is ideal to furnish modern living areas or contract environments as a meeting room for example.

available in several models and measurements
significant thickness and valuable manufacturing work
central base also available in brushed bronze
available with solid wood irregular edges
round wooden model with Keramik stone insert

Table Height: cm 75 (cm 76 in the model with Keramik stone cm 160 x 160 with lower rounded profile)
Top Thickness:
- glass: mm 12 for models cm 182 x 90 and cm 200 x 106, mm 15 for all the other models
- CrystalArt glass: mm 12
- wood: cm 4 for models cm 200 x 100 and cm 160 x 160, cm 5 for all the other models
- Keramik stone: mm 18 for fixed models, mm 13 for extending models
- Keramik stone with rounded lower profile: mm 50 / 60

Materials and Finishes
- glass
- wood
- Keramik stone
- painted steel

Technical study

Model and Specific Measurements

The Ø140 version with wooden top features a ballast base; the top rests on the structure.
Ker-Wood top: the diameters of the Keramic insert are:
- for the top cm Ø 160: cm Ø 99 (fixed) / cm Ø 78 (swivel)
- for top cm Ø 180: cm Ø 118 (fixed) / cm Ø 98 (swivel)
- for the top cm Ø220: cm Ø158 (fixed)
Swivel insert: a ball-bearing is fixed to the inside of the top to allow the central ceramic insert to rotate. The rotation is manual.

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Bevelling: it is a processing performed on mirrors, glasses and crystals in order to finish them and smooth the edges; through this process, it is possible to create a perimeter band with a width varying from 10 to 40 mm and with an angle inferior to the standard 90 ° one(usually around of 7°). It is a very delicate and valuable process applied to precious mirrors and tops. In Skorpio, there is a reverse bevelling; it means it is performed on the lower part of the table.

Heritage Oak: Oak is a great example of a recovered material and "no deforestation" policy. The beams used for this wood come from Oakwood structures belonging to old houses, stables, labs and factories which have been completely demolished, the biggest part comes from Central or Eastern Europe.

Heritage Oak products are crafted through the veneer technique, obtained by cutting selected beams after the removal of nails and other iron-based elements.

Each lot of beams is different from the other because each one of it has a different story and a different state of preservation. The previous "life" of these beams makes the "black patina" a feature of the wood cracks; moreover, the places where the nails used to be also present oxide.

Keramik stone: The tops made of Keramik stone are manufactured with a special ceramic with a stone effect that shows shades similar to Calacatta stones (a marble characterised by soft grey, yellow- gold, or brown-pink veining); Alabaster (a rock similar to marble with shades that range from yellow to grey up to amber red) or Slate ( a grey-black rock). The lower part of the top is made of bevelled clear glass that appears black after a process of glueing.
To clean the top, we suggest using delicate liquid detergents that need to be removed with a wet sponge. If spots and rings may occur, we suggest rubbing the top with a water and baking soda solution, let such a solution have an effect for a few minutes and then wipe it with a wet sponge. Being a porous natural material, it is important to wipe dirt off in order to avoid that some substances penetrate the top.

Extra-clear glass: Clear glass shows a light blue-green colour like most glass, while the extra-clear glass is treated so that such a blue-green effect is considerably dimmed and can't really influence or change the colour of the objects that can be seen by looking through the tabletop, like for example a carpet, some chairs and the very structure of the table.

CrystalArt: it's a tempered and bevelled clear glass, decorated with a printed pattern on the back of the glass, this decoration is applied during the tempering phases of the manufacturing process. The pattern is always the same but the effect changes according to the size of the top.

Additional Information

Andrea Lucatello & Paolo Cattelan
Area of Production
Assembling Instructions
Download the Assembling Instructions
Seat Number
The seats schemes show the maximum seat number: the actual number depends on the seat width. The Customer Care staff is at your disposal for further information.
Number of Packages
4 - 6
Cubic Metres
from 0,45 to 0,97 m³
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This item is the result of the great creative energy of Cattelan Italia, a company from Veneto region, founded in 1979. The initial manufacturing focused on small marble furniture accessories and tables designed for the foreign market. In the 80s the interest of the national market for these refined products increases, encouraging the company to widen its offer of dining tables, chairs, bookcases and accessories for sitting and living rooms.

The house is the symbol of the things most dear to you – Giorgio Cattelan loves to say – a world were you are surrounded by items comforting in both shape and essence. Because for me what is beautiful has to be functional too”. For more than thirty years this brand furnishes both modern and classic houses, while constantly widening the offered items. In 2011 Cattelan assimilate ARKETIPO, a renown company from Florence famous all over the world for the production of design upholstered items.

The company is today present in more than 150 countries worldwide. Cattelan Italia attends every year to national and international furniture fairs, such as Milan's International Furniture Fair, Cologne IMM Expo, the Maison et Objet in Paris.

Their headquarters is developed on 33.000 square metres, a breeding ground of creative minds collaborating with renowned architects and designers.


Cattelan: modern furniture

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