Upholstered Bed with Storage

Houston upholstered bed with headboard frame. Frame and legs in wood, lacquer or metal. Available as a standard double or king size bed.

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Houston is an upholstered bed with a frame around the headboard. This frame, as well as the legs of the bed, are available in wood, metallic lacquer, or metal. The bed can also be purchased without a headboard frame. Houston is available as a standard double or a king size bed, with or without a built-in storage box and double lift-up system. The outline of the bed is entirely upholstered in fabric, faux-leather or leather in any colour from the material samples page. The back of the headboard matches the front, allowing you to place this bed in the centre of a room where the bed will be visible from all angles.
The frame around the headboard is a traditional touch, which is revisited in a modern way without sacrificing its clear decorative value. The pairing of this frame with the upholstery in fabric, faux-leather and leather enhances the versatility of the bed, which can be adapted to suit any context or style. The structure and headboard are made of wood and then covered with expanded polyurethane foam with pre-coating in polyester wadding.

modern, upholstered, double bed available in many finishes
available with or without headboard frame
headboard is finished on both sides, allowing you to position the bed in the centre of a room
spacious storage box with double lift-up mechanism

Models and Measurements
Models: standard double or king size
- headboard: cm 97
- bed from the floor: cm 33
- bed frame: from cm 15 to cm 33 (legs h.15)

Materials and Finishes
- fabric (removable), faux-leather, leather (non-removable)
Bed Frame:
- fabric, faux-leather, leather (removable)
Headboard Frame and Legs:
- wood
- metallic lacquer
- metal

Purchase Information
The slatted base is always included for each model. You can also choose the "divisible" version in the Bed Base Equipment section, as well as, for models with a bed base, the bed base can be removed. 
The mattress is not included. You can find a suitable mattress in our Mattress section: the mattress must be the same size as the bed base.

Technical study

Technical Specifications and Equipment
Bed Frame and Headboard: structure made of wood and derivatives covered in expanded polyurethane foam of different densities with pre-coating in polyester wadding. Removable cover in fabric, faux-leather and leather.
Storage box: made with a medium-density panel in class E1 with low formaldehyde content, covered in wood veneer.
Headboard Frame and Legs: 15 cm in height, in laser-cut metal which is shaped and then covered on the exposed parts with oak or walnut veneer, or completely covered with painted metal. Each leg is composed of two paired plates: the external one is removable, allowing you to remove the bed-frame cover. The headboard frame can also be easily disassembled allowing for the same process. The versions with built-in storage are equipped with 5cm-tall legs made of black ABS, which are adjustable in height.
Bed Base: made from curved plywood slats and a metal frame; structural with storage box. In the version without storage box it is possible to choose at which height - among the three available - fix the support and how much you want to recess the mattress.
Storage Box: bed base with curved plywood slats and a metal frame with rubber corners. Double lift-up system; maximum mattress capacity 45 kg. The bottom panels can be removed with a handle, to allow for cleaning. The internal height of the storage box is 17,3 cm.

Further Information...
Vintage Leather: the vintage leather cover for the headboard evokes a rustic-chic style which conveys the charm of this unique product: marks and streaks are randomly distributed across the surface of the leather and no two pieces are ever identical. This is what gives this leather its beauty and guarantee of authenticity and quality.
Heat-Treated Oak: this particular oak finish is characterised by the contrast between the light grain and the dark and full-bodied background of the wood. This effect is created by the high temperature to which the wood is subjected, resulting in different colouring between the hardest and softest parts of the wood, with a pleasant and random chiaroscuro.

Decorative cushions: pair of roller cushions, Ø 14 cm, matching the upholstery on the bed.
Back-Finish: if you want to position the bed in the centre of a room, the back of the headboard is finished to match the front. For leather and vintage-leather models, the standard bed is equipped with a technical fabric at the back. However the back is also available in leather or vintage leather at an additional cost.


Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Medium Assembling
Cubic Metres
from 0,55 to 0,86 m³
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