S 33
Metal and Belting Leather Chairs

S 33 cantilever chair in chromed steel with seat and back in leather. A design icon of the twentieth century which can fit also home-offices.


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The tubular steel cantilever chair S 33 is inspired by the original design of the Dutch architect Mart Stam and teacher at the Bauhaus, which was designed in 1926. Seat and back are made ​​of leather, a choice of Bulgarian leather, full grain leather or Cavallino, and the chair frame is in chromed steel.
The version with armrests, as well as back and seat, has covered armrests.
S 33 is a chair design created by Italian manufacture a workshop specializing in the processing of metal and leather. The design that distinguishes it has made the S 33 cantilever chair an icon of the twentieth century.

- Without armrests: 47 cm p.62 h.86
- With armrests: cm 56 d.56 h.80

Seat height: 45 cm

Structure Finish
- Chrome-plated steel

Category coating
- Bulgarian leather
- Full grain leather
- Leather pony

Code coating
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Marc Stam Mart Stam
Mart Stam (Purmerend, August 5, 1899 - Zurich, 21 February 1986) was an architect, a planner and a Dutch designer.
In the second half of the '20s he worked with van der Vlugt on the design of the factory Van Helle, considered the manifesto work of a new trend; younger and more politicized than that of Gropius and Le Corbusier, represented by the very Stam and Hannes Meyer .
From '31 to '32 he worked as an urban planner in the Soviet Union and being congruent with the socialist doctrine of which he was supporter, went on to design furniture functionalists.
It was in '26 that, starting from a prototype made with gas pipe, he designed the S 33, a chair that influenced among others Van der Rohe and Breuer. The free-swinging chair revolutionized the concept of the chair frame representing one of the most important innovations in the design of the twentieth century.

Additional Information

Area of Production
Exportable to the United Kingdom or Ireland with restrictions
Senza braccioli: 8,6 kg Con braccioli: 11,5 kg
Cubic Metres
0,37 m³
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This article is the result of the creativity and craftsmanship of a Tuscany-based company, which was born as a proper workshop, specialised in the tubular steel structures of furniture items. The company has combined its excellent skills in handmade manufacturing, which has always been a main characteristic of the furniture business in Italy, with innovative technologies and it has distinguished itself on the market, thanks to a style and an unmistakable offer. The research on materials and innovative mechanical devices, plus the cultural heritage; which only a company, born from a workshop can have; are the defining ingredients of a leading brand in the manufacturing of design furniture inspired by the classic Bauhaus and vintage. The collection includes tables, coffee tables, tub chairs and chairs made starting from the original design by Eames, Van Der Rohe, Eileen Gray, mart Stam, Aarnio, Breuer, Jacobsen, Nelson.

Tables, coffee tables, armchairs and chairs inspired by classic piece of design

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